Friday, April 20, 2012

Fabulous Find: Pop-N-Go Waterproof Scarves

I came across a chic water repellent scarf by POP-N-GO and it is my fabulous find of the day. Pop-n-Go is the first all weather fashion scarf that protects your hair against snow, rain, high winds and humidity. They are very chic and stylish with the look of a silk scarf and comes in eye catching colors & prints. They also have the appeal of fashion and function for all my fashionista's on the go because they are water repellent. I have one in the "Western Pony" print and was able to use it the other day when it rained in NYC. I am telling you it is a like a hands free umbrella because it kept my hair dry and frizz free. For me that is important because when it rains the humidity and moisture wrecks my hair but it didn't with this Pop-n-Go Scarf. It wasn't pouring but the rain was coming down and the water just rolled off my scarf. I do suggest that if the rain is coming down really hard, still carry an umbrella to keep your body dry. These water repellent scarves retail between $19.99-$32.99 and can be purchased at What do you think about these chic scarves and will you be buying one?


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