Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5 Easy Tips from Dr. Oscar Hevia to Prep your Skin for Spring

Dr. Oscar Hevia

The harsh winter weather can be damaging to our skin and when the weather gets warm, you want to ensure that your skin is fresh and glowing. Internationally-Renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia offers his expert insight with 5 easy beauty preparations to get your skin ready for this spring. Continue below to read the 5 tips to get your skin ready for spring. Also to find out more details about his products and more, click here ----> HEVIA.

1. Look your best in no time. Hoping to reinvigorate your skin leading up to your vacation? Dr. Hevia recommends a special treatment for radiant, glowing skin. “Your best bet is an oxygen facial. It plumps up and hydrates your skin with hyaluronic acid.”
2. Pressed for time? Simplify your skincare routine.  Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should take a “vacation” from your skincare regimen, too. Dr. Hevia has some suggestions for keeping things simple. “Cleanse in the shower (you’re already there)!” Use something such as the Anti-Aging Cleanser from HEVIA MD SKIN SCIENCE™. “Forget the toner afterwards and go right to your serum to nourish your skin before your makeup (assuming you need makeup, of course).” 
3. Avoid the sun. Obviously this is a tough one while on vacation. However, you should do your best to protect your skin from intense sun exposure. “Nothing accelerates aging like ultraviolet rays,” warns Dr. Hevia.
4. Pack the ESSENTIALS. “Always take your serum or your night repair cream with you,” Dr. Hevia suggests. Try his Potent Repair Serum or Night Repair Treatment Cream. “Travel can really dry out your skin and worsen the appearance of fine lines and pores. The serum (or the night cream) will keep your skin smooth and supple (I mention either/or because some prefer the feel of serums and others the night creams).” 

5. Hydrate! Staying hydrated, especially in warm weather, is not only important for your skin but also for your overall health!

Disclosure: Hevia provided product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. 

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