Friday, February 15, 2013

The 55th Annual Grammy Gift Lounge

The Fashionista Stories had the opportunity to attend the Grammy Gift Lounge last Saturday February 9th 2013 at The Staples Center  in Los Angeles, CA in celebration of the 55th annual Grammy Awards.

The ambiance of the Grammy Gift Lounge was exciting and inspiring. The gift lounge completely captured the essence of a pleasant Japanese Zen garden, inspired by Seyie Design. The lounge offered a variety of luxury items from exclusive jewelry lines to M3K's Beauty & Skin Care. We were inspired to see how music can touch the hearts of us all but this year's biggest gift was the gift of inspiration.
Our first encounter was with M3K beauty cosmetics. We met with celebrity spokesperson, Anand Bhat. We briefly discussed the beauty features of M3K's luxury skin care line. Anand Bhat shared his take on the line's "The Dirty Boy Wash". He stated "This product is great for red carpet prep because it leaves a luminous glow without the greasy residue!" Everyone can get this glow with M3K, as it caters to all skin types.

Shortly after, we experienced Japan's latest Beauty & Health Skin care line, MTG. The exclusive anti-aging line features an array of beauty enhancement products. We were lucky to try two of the best sellers, the Plosion de Salon and Refa Pro . The Plosion de Salon, is a carbohydrate body mist that hydrates the face and body. The Refa Pro, is a platinum skin roller which enhances the skin. We had an amazing time with MTG staff and exploring their products.

We also ran into costume/jewelry designer, Isaiah Garza professionally known as "Fashion Munster". We were able to catch up with him wearing his latest statement piece . Fashion Munster's designs are bold, original, and speak volumes for anyone who enjoys making a huge statement. His most recent collaboration with hip-hop trendsetter, Rita Ora, is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Just when we thought we'd saw it all, a sparkling surprise from jewelry designer Simone I. Smith, the wife of legendary hip-hop rapper LL Cool J. The luxury jewelry line not only brings the bling but also sheds light on a good cause. Simone, is a eight year cancer survivor of a rare bone eating disease. When she received her skin graph, it looked as if the lollipop had been bitten off. Now cancer free, she took her difficult situation and created her personalized jewelry line "A Sweet Touch of Hope". The line is inspired by her true story and features diamond encrusted lollipops along with a variety of luxury pieces. The lollipops are offered in every birth stone color, representing more birthdays and less deaths. Simone also donates 10% of the proceeds to the American Cancer society.

Next stop was Jeanette Longoria of Carlito’s Brand. She's the creative forces behind the illustrated converse sneaker. The creative process began when she experienced three sleepless nights, but that didn't stop her from dreaming. She began illustrating her visions on to everyone's favorite classic sneaker, the Converse. After passing her creations to a few of her celebrities friends; she landed her debut at the Grammy gift lounge. Her shoes can be seen on celebrities such as Jay-Z to The Wanted. The sleepless sneakers by Carlitos are sure to be the hottest thing for Spring/Summer 2013.

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  1. M3K is the most amazing skin care line out but yet even working class people can afford this high end results product(s). You rock M3K & Anand!!!!!