Monday, March 18, 2013

Fabulous Find: What's Your Virtue? Lip Bliss

So I recently received some lip gloss that not only gave my lips a pretty glossy look but also had meaning. What's Your Virtue? Lip Bliss is my fabulous find of the day. 

The lip gloss was started by a mother with a teen who didn't like the names found on numerous brands of lip gloss. She didn't feel that a thirteen year old should carry a lip gloss with such messaging or even put it on her lips. She went home with a mission to create a new message and begin collaborating with two of her friends. 
The idea was not to create a message for girls but for women everywhere and that's how the brand 'What's your Virtue?' was born. Amy, Molly and Sara believed that beauty is skin deep and what better way to do it but with a great glossy pout. After years of work and research with their own formulated lip gloss, the 'Lip Bliss collection came to life in six different positive messages.

I have Curiosty & Wisdom and I like the shine it gives my lips along with a hint of color. The lip gloss has peppermint in it which is very soothing on the lips. Also you can wear it over your favorite lipstick for a nice glossy punch. I think the best thing about the collection is that it doesn't have that stickiness that you find in most lip gloss. The What's Your Virtue? Lip Bliss cost $12 and are gluten free, not tested on animals and has no parabens. For more details about the brand and to shop go to

What's Your Virtue? Lip Bliss Collection

GENEROSITY Lip Bliss - A golden brown sugar shimmer

WISDOM Lip Bliss - A bronze red shimmer

CURIOSITY Lip Bliss - A rich mulberry shimmer

SIMPLICITY Lip Bliss - A clear glossy shimmer

DEVOTION Lip Bliss - A barely there pink shimmer

KINDNESS Lip Bliss - A warm coral shimmer

Credit: What's Your Virtue?
Disclosure: What's Your Virtue? provided product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. - See more at: 

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