Monday, April 8, 2013

Fabulous Find: Ocean Minded Shoes

If you like eco-friendly products, then this should interest you. Recently I had the opportunity to attend the press preview for OCEAN MINDED shoes and it's my fabulous find of the day.

During the preview, we were treated to a yoga session which we did on yoga boards. I have never done yoga before and to do it on a board, was really fun and relaxing. After the session, I indulged in a nice mani & pedi before I slipped on a pair of these comfortable shoes. 

The shoes in this collection are insanely comfortable and are made by Crocs. Ocean Minded believes that we should use recycle and sustainable materials in our footwear and apparel. That's why the brand prides itself on bringing you eco-friendly products that are not only comfortable but stylish.  

These shoes are perfect for the beach and everyday wear. I love my pairs and they only retail for less than $50 for men and women. Along with making shoes, Ocean Minded has been organizing beach clean ups around the world and educating it's customers on how to keep their areas clean since 1996. 

This is a brand with a good cause so check it out. To find out more details about Ocean Minded & it's cause and to shop the collection, go to

Credit: Ocean Minded

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