Monday, May 13, 2013

Chris Benz Q & A and Epic Unveiling

The movie 'Epic' hits theaters on May 24th but recently I had the opportunity to attend a special style presentation and Q & A with the director Michael Knapp and designer Chris Benz. The event started with champagne & popcorn and then went on to a short 3D preview. 

Director Michael Knapp said the concept of the movie was about a world that was hidden from civilization and protected by small leaf men. The inspiration for the looks in the animated movie had to blend in with nature and it was 3 1/2 years in the making. 

Chris Benz is the mastermind designer behind the dresses that Beyonce's character 'Queen Tara' will be wearing. Benz said he took inspiration from his namesake Spring 2013 collection to create the look which was a emerald velvet gown with floral lining. The dress is very elegant with a earthy feel. CB also said that he wanted to design a dress that you can see on the red carpet or that anyone could wear. I am excited to see this movie which looks like a great one!

The dress that Beyonce's character 'Queen Tara' will be wearing in the animated movie.

Chris Benz speaking on stage at the Q & A and presentation


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