Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fabulous Find: Skyn Iceland Solutions for Stressed Skin

My fabulous find of the day is SKYN ICELAND, beauty products geared to help with the affects of stressed skin. These skincare products are created with pure and natural ingredients from Iceland's Glacial Waters. The good thing about these products is that it helps to restore the natural balance & healthy glow back in your skin for a younger feel without the damages that can be caused by harsh chemicals.

I have tried these products and I love it. With so many impurities in the air and daily stress issues, having something to boost my skin's natural glow is what I need.

If your skin needs to be refreshed due to stressful days, the dye-free Arctic Face Mist is something to try. It helps to refresh your skin and protect it against harmful damages that can weigh down your skin. This is something that you can use throughout the day to re-charge your skin. It is very soothing.

If you are like me and get lazy sometimes when it comes to taking your make-up off, the Glacial Cleansing Cloths are a must try. These foaming cloths cloths cleans make-up, oil residue, dirt and all other impurities off your skin without water. It revitalizes your skin without drying it out. These cloths have become my favorite.

If you ever wake-up with puffy or saggy eyes, the Hydro Cool Firming Eye gel patch is the perfect solution. It helps to tone, firm and remove puffiness under your eyes without irritation. When I first tried it after waking up with puffy eyes, I noticed the reduction of the puffiness and the smoothness of my skin afterwards.

The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion is a lightweight moisturizer that cools and calms stressed skin. It has a minty burst that gives your skin a cooling sensation and is something to try if you have problem with acne, redness or oily skin.

For more information about the brand, the product here and to check out their entire collection, go to

 Credit: Skyn Iceland
Disclosure: Skyn Iceland provided product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Nice collection… thanks for sharing…. Skyn ICELAND was born from a life-changing mission to treat and alleviate the effects of stress on skin while promoting a stress-free life full of balance, health and wellness. Their inspiration comes from nature, in the pure unspoiled natural resources of Iceland – with its mineral rich waters, antioxidant powered berries, soothing algae, replenishing mosses. Their commitment to nature is evident through the range. With packaging that’s easily recyclable and products free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and sulfates. Free from animal testing and 100% vegan.