Monday, September 2, 2013

Fabulous Find: BuDhaGirl Jewelry

Sure jewelry is an accessory that can make you look chic but what if it can help with your wellness?  BUDHAGIRL jewelry merged together fashion and mental health through meditation guides developed by their scientific board. Jessica Jessie and Susie Hoimes are the masterminds behind BuDhaGirl and they wanted to create a shift in mindfulness through exquisite jewelry.

A meditation category was just launched on the BuDhaGirl website and it features 6 daily meditations for you to listen to. Each jewelry was designed with meditation and creating a daily intention in mind. For instance, the BuDhaGirl 'Core Cuff, is a jewelry piece with pedigree. Based on an 1930's French creation, it is the vehicle that holds reminders and the design has a modernist Deco feel along with a opening coffer lid for your daily BuDhaGirl reminders.

The pieces are affordable and perfect for someone who loves meditation and yoga. Continue below to check out a few pieces from the collection and to shop the entire collection, click here. For more info on about the jewelry line and the meaning behind it, go to

Credit: BuDhaGirl

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