Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Kathy Duliakas 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite & Party

The Fashionista Stories had the opportunity to attend the Kathy Duliakas 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite & party in celebration of the 86th Annual Academy Awards last Thursday(Feb. 26th) at the Taglyan Complex in LA.    

The Oscar Gift Lounge was filled with celebrities, luxury gifts, lively music, gourmet food, and co -hosted by Maleku Jewelry. The gift lounge offered opportunities to indulge in your favorite’s gifts, and support “1 Million Good Nights” with the Pajama Program campaign.

We have just entered a world of pure opulence. The lounge features an array of gifts, perfect for a celebrity lifestyle. Our first stop was to one of the most luxurious line of technology; The Dream Spa. The spa offers a photo therapy system that uses light to increase energy and nutrients in the body, like plants need sun to grow, we as humans need light to provide good health. The Dream Spa was a dream come true, what an incredible creation!

Next, Perch and Twisted Silver an exclusive jewelry and accessories line to the stars. The designer, Deborah Mitchell calls the line “The Perfectly Imperfect.” Twisted Silver and Perch use recyclable and vintage antique pieces to keep the line organic and one of a kind. She states "All the Celebrities love it because it’s different; without being weird." We love vintage jewelry and this line has a great way of mixing vintage pieces and still making it feel fresh and modern.

Skin Care lines filled the luxury gift lounge. We had the chance to visit, HERBAN Body Care; A line that “helps to heal the natural way.” Herban Body Care is a high quality product that reinvigorates all skin types. The line includes formulas that are based on bio plant ingredients that have the ability to heal and rejuvenate the skin. Visiting with this line, was definitely a win for us. We love nature and natural products. Herban Body Care is a ‘must have’ for healthy skin.

Just when we thought we saw it all; we were lucky enough to spot Project Runway ninth season’s designer, Gordana. She displayed her current couture collection. It was pretty amazing to see her visions come to life.

 Then, Ze Chocolate Lady! This was treat one could not beat, I mean who doesn’t love chocolate! I met with Chocolatier Cristina Villar, the founder. She makes all of her chocolate from natural ingredients right in her home, all treats are truly made with love!

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  1. Celebrity news and journalism is like crack. Americans are addicted to it. We need to hear the Mel Gibson rants and see Lindsay Lohan report to jail.