Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mr. Clean Summer Fashion Party

On Tuesday(July 1st) I had the opportunity to attend the Mr. Clean Summer Fashion Party at Root Drive-In in NYC which was hosted by Brad Goreski whom I met along with Jordana Brewster. The purpose of the event was to show how the Mr Clean 'Magic Eraser' is not only for cleaning the house but to keep your fashion pieces clean as well. 

Brad curated a small fashion show of white hot summer pieces as well as insider advice on how to keep them clean and new. I love the Mr. Clean magic eraser. I use it a lot to keep my house clean and now that I know it can be used to clean scuff marks off of my white shoes, my love for it has grown even more. Celebrity hair stylist & make-up artist Sunny Brooks also joined Brad at the event sharing tips on how the Magic Eraser can easily remove hair build-up from hair irons and hair dyes from bathtubs.

After the fashion show, demo stations were set-up in the venue which allowed us to try out the eraser ourselves on different stains that were on shoes, an un-finished leather handbag and more. I tried it so many times and this is something that is great to have around the house for daily use. Hopefully they will come up with pocket packs so that I can carry it in my handbag. However remember that before using it on shoes or leather handbags, test a small area first to prevent any damage. To learn more about Mr. Clean & the Magic Eraser, click here.

"Being a celebrity stylist, there are many tricks of the trade that I use in my household & with my clients. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has so many uses, so it's my secret tool for keeping my shoes-like the vintage Air Jordan's I am obsessing over now- and my clients' shoes, scuff and dirt free." - Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski

Jordana Brewster

New York Jets running back Chris Johnson

Credit: Invision for Mr. Clean, Me

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