Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Red Carter's Tips on Finding the Best Swimsuit For Your Body

Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching which means time to find that perfect swimsuit. No matter what size you are, we all have trouble finding the perfect swimsuit to fit our body. Most people try to find ways to hide the part on their body that they hate but the key is to accentuate it. RED CARTER has some tips to help you find the perfect swimsuit this summer to fit your body type. Continue below for swimsuit shopping tips and check out & shop the swimwear brand at

Problem: Small Bust
Red's Solution:
Look for padding in bandeau tops and underwire bustier tops with push up. Also, Ruffles Rule they are an added benefit to any A-lister’s enhancement.

Problem: Big Bust
Red's Solution:
Halter tops are the supportive friend to anyone who needs extra support. Also, the underwire can help bring people together and offer guidance. Go for comfort and keep the tiny triangles out of your way.

Problem: Stomach
Red's Solution:
Look for tummy control, an added layer of mesh lining could possibly help if you are feeling a bit over exposed. Also, a new fashion trend on the rise is high waisted bottoms that can ease your curves into a very fashionable look. Try to wear dark colored one pieces to hide tummy area, or throw on a rash guard and hit the surf

Problem: Gamine Figure
Red's Solution:
Triangle tie side is an easy go-to for the Gamine shape! Also remember that one pieces with cut-outs can give supportive curves for a slender figure too!
Problem: Thin/Flat Backend:
Red’s Solution
: Brazilian cuts on the back can help accentuate the curves you don’t have.  Try a monokini to give the illusion of extra curves. Don’t be afraid to accentuate the positive so go for smaller bikini bottoms! 

Credit: Red Carter

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