Monday, May 4, 2015

Beauty Find: Soap & Glory “Heel Genius” Amazing Foot Cream

Well spring/summer is upon us and while we want to look great style wise, we can't forget about our feet. If you have rough, dry feet, you should definitely check out my beauty find of the day, SOAP & GLORY 'Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream'. In between your pedicures and after you bathe, this foot cream will keep your feet feeling soft & smooth. 

After trying the product for a while, it has become my go to foot cream. I use it everyday after I shower which is the best way of course to reap the benefits. I don't really have rough feet but after I shower, my feet tends to become very dry. After I rubbing the cream on your feet, slipping on a pair of cotton socks while you sleep will help to increase the cream benefits. 

Some of the ingredients found in the cream are allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry and orange & lemon fruit acid smothers. While you get a touch of that menthol smell from the cream, it's not that intense which makes it perfect for everyday use. You can purchase the cream HERE and for more details on this product and other skincare products from the brand, go to

Credit: Soap & Glory

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