Friday, July 31, 2015

Beauty Find: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

I don't know about you but my skin gets very dry after I shower so putting on a moisturizer afterwards is a must for me. I had the opportunity to try the new JERGENS 'Wet Skin Moisturizer' which is my beauty find of the day. It's rare that I find a beauty product that does exactly what it says it does, especially after the first use. This moisturizer is unlike any other moisturizer that I have tried because even though you put it on after you shower, it goes on before you dry off. That's right, it's an moisturizer that goes on wet skin. 

So when you are finished showering, you rub the Wet Skin Moisturizer on your wet skin which helps to seal in hydration at your skin's peak moisture moment. The end result is soft, luminous skin. I was skeptical at first but excited to try to see the results and I was not disappointed. Since trying this product, I haven't use my regular body moisturizer because the way my skin looked & felt afterwards. It's a new break through way to hydrate your skin instantly straight out of the shower. The moisturizer comes in three scents that is not overpowering but refreshing & soothing. The best thing about this moisturizer is that it is not greasy but light enough that it dissolves quickly on your skin for amazing results. If you have dry skin and in need of a great moisturizer, for $6.99, this is worth the buy. 

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizers Scents

A light gardenia, floral scented oil 

An invigorating oil to awaken skin with a beachy, tropical fruit essence

A soothing botanical oil formula drawn from mature green tea leaves

Credit: Jergens
Disclosure: Jergens provided product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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