Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shop Circle & Square: Rings

Rings have become my go to accessory piece and the stackable style has been a hit with celebs on the red carpet. If you like unique, stylish statement rings, you should check out & shop styles from CIRCLE & SQUARE. The site carries a lot of unique pieces from different designers all over the world. You can find rings in different shapes, sizes and color which features modern interpretation of popular styles. You can check out & shop the various designer rings HERE and other accessories from the brand at

1.MARSHELLYS black pave 'Katana' ring, available HERE. 2. JOANIE LANDAU DESIGNS Fleur-de-Lis-Shield Ring, available HERE. 3. ADIN & ROYALE 18K Gold Halo ring, available HERE. 4. LACEY RYAN Vertigo black ring, available HERE. 5.MADSTONE  M8 chain ring, available HERE. 6. STEPHEN ESTELLE 22K Vermeil Alicante ring with labradorite, jade and moonstone, available HERE.

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