Monday, August 24, 2015

Shop Circle & Square: Small Accessories

CIRCLE & SQUARE continues to bring to the forefront unique accessories from different designers around the world & today I am putting the spotlight on their Small Accessories. Their small accessories consist of wallets, cell phone cases, bow ties and more. Done in a variety of colors, textures & shapes, you are sure to find a piece to compliment your style pallet. You can check out & shop all of the small accessories HERE and you can learn more about the accessories site at

1. ViaBuia Louis the Great wallets, available HERE. 2. Mei Vintage cell phone wallet, available HERE. 3. Heidi Mottram Woven Eel skin wallets, available HERE. 4. Cor Sine Labe Doli Primo bowtie, available HERE. 5. Rinkel Corazón Coin Purse, available HERE

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