Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#ShareConfidence Campaign with Woolite Darks & Dress For Success

In honor of International Women's Day which is today, Woolite Darks & Dress For Success introduces their #ShareConfidence campaign which celebrates the confidence dark clothes gives to women. Woolite Darks & Dress For Success spent a few days with a street style photographer capturing women on the streets of New York donning dark clothes and exuding confidence. The women were asked to explain how confident their dark clothes made them feel and then asked them to literally give the clothes off their back to a woman who could use a confidence boost. Woolite Darks ensures that your dark clothes & confidence, never fades. Check out the video below on how women are inspiring confidence. 

Credit: Woolite

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, because nothing gives me more confidence than reminding me of the domestic chores, like laundring.
    This ad looks more like a bad tasted joke.
    The very association of cleaning and International Women's Day is silly, to say the least.