Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lupita Nyong'o in J. Crew at 'The Jungle Book' LA Premiere

Kicking off the promo for the 'Jungle Book', Lupita Nyong'o attended the premiere yesterday at the
El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

She hit the red carpet in a custom J. CREW ensemble which featured a lime green short sleeve v-neck bodysuit and a gold sequin car wash pleated midi skirt. Coming from someone who loves Lupita's style, this fell flat for me. The bodysuit cheapens the skirt and usually I am on-board with her colorful eye make-up but it didn't compliment her look.

Maybe she was trying to pay homage to the movie with the color theme but it doesn't connect for me. Love her hair and skirt though. FRED LEIGHTON jewelry and the STUART WETIZMAN 'Nudist' sandals completed her look. She has and can do so much better. Does the styling of Lupita's look work for you?

Credit: Pr Photos



  1. Not a big fan of this. She can do better.

  2. It's not like I expected her to go full on glam for the premiere of this movie,but this is not enough...The outfit looks cheap,that skirt and the bodysuit are atrotious,the Anna Wintour necklaces don't belong anywhere near the rest and she did try to make this more red carpet appropriate with the hair,the makeup and the styling in general but it just doesn't work.I also have to say I prefer her short hair with her face(like she had it in 2014 during awards season) because it's very clean,simple,minimal and this hairstyle makes her look like a bobblehead.I can't remember the last time she wowed me,I think she's lost her touch

    P.S.I really hope that ScarJo doesn't skip the rest of the premieres like she did for Hail Ceasar,we haven't seen her on the red carpet in 2016 at all I believe,I am really looking forward to her comeback.

    1. Hahaha...It was one of my 1rst reactions : what Anna Wintour's necklaces are doing there?

  3. It is like she is disguised in a character. Those things don't go together.Besides being hideous by their own merit they are totally disconected , each piece going on a different direction. And then come the swirling, so juvenile, so novice.
    I just don't get her position as fashion wunderkind. She is very beautiful and talented, but fashion wise I just don't get her.

    1. You better don't read the Vogue USA online then because they are praising her for this abomination.
      "“Who knew a knit sweater and denim jacket could look so fabulous paired with a glittery skirt?” said Erlanger. “This says fashion doesn’t have to cost a fortune—it can be accessible and just as cool and glamorous.”
      I despair with that rag.

  4. Normally, I'd take this look apart, but it totally works for the Disney's Jungle Book premiere - it's cute, colorful and exotic, one can feel the flare and sparkle of the jungle and it's sweet in the animated/Disney context w/o being too cartoonish. Lupita is wearing it delightfully, the skirt is pretty, the necklaces complete the look and her hair is adorable. I'm sold.