Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Louis Vuitton Girls at the 2016 MET Gala

Along with Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, LOUIS VUITTON dressed more celebs at last night's 2016 MET Gala, Manus X Machina-Fashion in an Age of Technology at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. 

Alicia Vikander wore a custom FALL 2016 sequin asymmetrical dress with a red leather crop top and a black & white contrasting panels which she paired with red & silver platform boots from the same collection. I actually like the boots but I am not sold on the dress design. 

Lea Seydoux who once dazzled us as the queen of Prada/Miu Miu, has become a LV girl. The actress wore a black off-the-shoulder dress with a sequin center front zipper skirt. I actually liked Lea's look, check out a pic of her in more lighting on the LV instagram page HERE. She looked great even though it didn't flow with the theme. 

Jennifer Connelly wore a FALL 2016 colorful sequin dress, a box clutch and black platform boots. I didn't like this dress with the sleeves on Nicole Kidman and I don't like it on Jennifer. 

Michelle Williams wore a FALL 2016  navy sateen zipper detail top, a black mini skirt, black platform boots and embellished box clutch. This is not on tune with the gala in anyway. 

Miranda Kerr worked her frame in a FALL 2016 color-block leather long sleeve crop top and the matching midi skirt with a contrasting printed ruffle hem. I actually loved her look with the exception of the shoes which don't work. 

Grimes wore a FALL 2016 light blue silk dress with and cobalt blue panel, contrasting black, white & lime green leather sleeves and a asymmetrical side hem. She also paired her dress with pewter platform boots from the same collection. I don't know, I kinda feel like this would have worked for the year with the grunge theme. 

Credit: StarTraks Photo



  1. Lea Seydoux all the way. French Chic!

  2. I think Nicholas was trying to sell an idea ( not the clothes themselves ) although I can not figure out which one. Otherwise tell me why to send his girls with the ridiculous ( for the occasion) boots ( I actually like them for other circunstances )? It was kind of a statement, wasn't it?
    Is he doing the Miuccia's thing and trying to beautify the ugly ? So many unanswered questions...

  3. Lea looks best but all are underwhelming.