Friday, October 14, 2016

Vote: Who was your 'Best Dressed' Celeb of the Week

Well it's that time again to vote for your 'Best Dressed' celeb of the week. There weren't many wow moments but there were some memorable looks. My favorites were Nicole Kidman and Gabrielle Union which has me torn for my best dressed of the week. Do you agree with my pics? Who was your best dressed celeb this week?

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Credit: Pr Photos, StarTraks Photo



  1. Replies
    1. ..and personally I'd add Amy Adams in Valentino Couture to this week's selection, esp. instead of the last 3 in the bottom row - despite perhaps some minor issues, it was still a more note-worthy look.

  2. Nicole Kidman wins hands down. She looked regal in that Armani dress and her styling was flawless.
    Dakota Fanning comes second. And while I think Gemma Arterton looked really pretty in the Temperley London jumpsuit, I would give her the bronze medal for her red Alberta Ferretti dress.

  3. Gabrielle Union followed by Michelle Williams, Gal Gadot and Gemma Arterton.

  4. Gabrielle all the way. Can't believe she's being beaten by a boring ass black dress...