Monday, December 19, 2016

Beyonce in Johanna Ortiz Performing at her 'Lemonade' LA Screening

On Thursday(December 15th) Beyonce made her way back to the stage to perform at a private screening of her hit album & film 'Lemonade' in Beverly Hills, CA. The singer posted images on her tumblr from the special screening which was co-hosted by producer Quincy Jones. 

Rocking an on trend look, she wore the JOHANNA ORTIZ FALL 2016 ensemble 'Anastasia' blue & white stripe long sleeve off-the-shoulder ruffled top and the 'Alexia' black, navy, purple, red & white stripe ruffled split detail skirt. 

This is definitely an overload of ruffles and whether together or separately, I do like it. However she lost me with her shoe choice. Her shoes are super cute & like them but they don't coordinate with this ensemble at all. Are you sold on the styling of Bey's look?

While Bey's skirt is sold out, you can snag her Johanna Ortiz top at MODA OPERANDI.

Credit: Beyonce Tumblr/Daniela Vesco for Parkwood Entertainment



  1. The more and more I look at this, it's growing on me. I like it without the belt and the shoes. Shoes I like it separately. I do, however, wonder how Solange will style this.

  2. Shoes are fine, look at the fried hair.

  3. I don't mind the shoes but the hair, as said above, is something from another planet. An entity in itself. Pitty, because her face looks beautiful.

  4. Too many ruffles for me. Looks more like a flamenco dancer costume. And I agree that the hair is not good. Guess I'm a racist too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯