Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fashionista War: Olivia Munn Vs. Lady Gaga in Versace Fall 2016

Today we have a fashion battle between a actress and a singer who wore the same ensemble but on different occasions. So let the fashion war begin. 

Olivia Munn was spotted leaving the Greenwich hotel on December 6th in NYC to do some promotions for her new film. For her outing she wore a VERSACE FALL 2016 ensemble which featured a light blue & navy leather panel jacket, a navy, light blue, black & white knit top and the matching light blue leather mini skirt. She topped off her look with a simple ponytail and black thigh-high boots. 

Lady Gaga was the first to wear the same ensemble on October 19, 2016 following a studio session out in New York. Styling her look completely opposite of Olivia, she wore a white hat, tonal blue sunglasses, fishnet stockings and white platform boots. Also Lady Gaga tucked her knit top in while Olivia wore hers out like presented on the runway. 

So who do you think won this fashion war?

For me, this was a easy win for Olivia as her styling has a chicer appeal. Lady Gaga's look suits her only but it just has too much going on. Weigh in, who do you think won this fashion war?

Credit: StarTraks Photo, Vogue.com



  1. Olivia is the clear winner

  2. Obvious win for Olivia, her boots work much better, and she looks more chic overall with her clean and simple approach.