Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior at the 'Passengers' LA Premiere

Continuing on the promo tour for her new film 'Passengers', Jennifer Lawrence attended the premiere yesterday evening(December 14th) at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, CA.

She hit the black carpet wearing a CHRISTIAN DIOR SPRING 2017 white dress with a strapless bustier romper which was adorned with a red & silver beaded heart, a cut-out buckle back and sheer tulle floor length skirt. The placement of the heart on the bust looks a bit weird but overall, this dress feels to bridal to me.

She doesn't look bad but looking through the images, she was struggling to keep the top up. Beauty wise, she went with a center part light wavy up-do and a kohl rimmed eyes which was offset with a red lip. REPOSSI jewelry and a DIOR black choker finished up her look. Do you think JLaw pulled this look off or is it too bridal?

Credit: Pr Photos,



  1. "she was struggling to keep the top up". She always do that or she falls without apparent reason. It's all part of the self deprecating "I'm sooooooo down to Earth, sooo gal next door" attitude of hers like when she said "I'm wearing Dior Couture whatever that means...",Well that "whatever" means 5 million USD in your bank account darling, so please save us of the hypocrisy. Quite ridiculous to be honest. She gets my nerves. Overall the dress is beautiful but there is nothing Dior there and the skirt is just a piece of nothingness. I like the deshiveled hair though.

    1. Dear PinkSugar,
      I understand you may not like someone regarding their attitude, but it is not right to judge and write negativity about them, since let's be honest; we don't even know any of these ladies, personally...! Let's not forget that at least she is a well deserved, super talented actress that had made so many beautiful moments through her career in movies for all of us.
      I can underhand and relate to your comment if it was regrading bunch of useless, talentless reality star tv shows! Though I still don't think it's right to write sourish comments in a delightful fashion related blog.
      Have a good day

    2. I respect your opinion but I can only write about what she sells to the public.I don't think she is "super " talented. Her acting is nice ( though a bit 'wooden' sometimes ) but not superior. Tilda she is not. Cate she is not. Have a nice day you too ;-)

  2. I'd like to think that she chose this dress because of the beaded heart to sympathize with all the disaster that is going on in Aleppo. My take on it.

  3. Lovely and delicate, but yes, WAY too bridal.

  4. Bridal and it looks like she is bleeding on her left boob. So nope!