Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Get the Aroma of Spring with WEN Hair Care

WEN by Chaz Dean now offers a mesmerizing line of hair care products with a seasonal flair. The Spring Cherry Blossom cleansing conditioner is one that is light and refreshing. You can use the conditioner on all hair types, giving the hair a delightful aroma of the blossoms on a cherry tree. Other items in the line include mousse, replenishing treatment and treatment oil. All the products in the seasonal line are made to nourish the scalp as well as the hair, removing the excess oils so that the hair is as healthy as possible. 

Another scent in the season line of WEN by Chaz Dean is the Spring Honey Lilac. When you use the products that feature this scent, you can be taken to a garden with the delicate flowers. The products are nut and gluten free, making them safe to use on all hair types for people who have allergies and for those who don't. The Sweet Almond Mint is a refreshing scent that is a good fragrance to start with when you begin using the seasonal line. It has a delicate aroma that isn't overpowering. There is a texture balm and a hydrating mask in this scent for those who are looking for ways to beautify not only the hair but the skin as well. 

Tea Tree cleansing conditioner is also in the seasonal line of products. It works to prevent sensitivity of the scalp and dryness that might occur from using too many styling products. Items with the Tea Tree scent include a treatment oil and a treatment mist. Other scents that are included in the seasonal line include Fig, Cucumber Aloe and Lavender. Each scent gives a delightful smell as soon as the bottle is opened, providing a luxurious texture to the hair while maintaining the health at the same time. 

Benefits Of WEN
There are numerous benefits of using WEN by Chaz Dean products. Each product in the hair care line is sulfate free, which is essential because as the sulfates found in shampoos often lead to buildup on the scalp which can cause itching. Only the best ingredients are used in the conditioners, mists and other products that are sold by the company. 

For more information on WEN Hair Care and their new seasonal line, visit their website.

Credit: WEN
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