Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fall to Winter Transitional Polish Shades Courtesy of Skyy Hadley

With the day's going by so fast, so are the seasons. Celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley, the owner of 'As U Wish Nail Spa', will help you transition you fall nail colors into winter without the worry of putting them up. From your classic neutral to a fancy red, Skyy chose five shades that will help you nail your manicure transition into the forth coming seasons. Check out and shop the SALLY HANSEN Color Therapy and Complete Salon Manicure

1. Cozy, Caramel-Colored Neutral 
Can’t go wrong with the classics. A warm-toned neutral is chic and minimalistic, and compliments anything you’re wearing. Switch things up, and opt for a matte finish instead of your glossy go-to.
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2. Gilded in Gold
This time of the year is gold’s time to shine. It is always sure to dazzle – whether you can use it as an accent nail or a complete, show-stopping metallic manicure. It compliments all holiday color palettes effortlessly, making it versatile enough to bounce from season to season.

3. Forest Green
Nothing says holiday bliss more than a true shade of green. Somewhere in-between a medium-toned moss and a deep forest green, hunter green is an eye-catching color suited for fall, winter, and beyond.

4. Soft Chocolate
I’m loving cozy, chocolate colored nails this season. The muted neutral isn’t too flashy, while still standing apart from your average nude. Milk chocolate manicures are universally flattering on any skin tone, and a tasteful (and tasty) way to transition into the cold winter months.
5. Cranberry
Cranberry is a fun and festive twist on a classic red manicure. The gorgeous color will add a touch of glamour to your look, and serve as a subtle compliment to all of the seasonal décor.
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Credit: Sally Hansen/ Skyy Hadley

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