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5 Fashion Trends That Are Going to Be Huge Next Year

While fall is just around the corner and 2020 is still months away, many fashion geeks have already had a sneak peek of fashion for the coming year. Designers from across the world have finished presenting their collections in London, New York, Paris, and Milan. It is time to assess what the decisive fashion trends will be in 2020. To lessen your worries, we are revealing the five fashion trends that will be huge next year.

Marble Prints to Dominate all the Patterns
Marble, the stone renowned for hints, classicism, and solidity of Roman architecture, paved its way to the fashion world in 2008 and today has become all the rage! From accessories to clothing, you will see a wide variety of products embracing the marble trend.

Intricately incorporated into the number of ways to suit the fashion world, the attractive, blended motifs of marble come in an array of exciting color palettes, like the gold seen here. By coming across recent fashion trends, it is evident that marble is going to trumped all the usual prints, including chevron and leopard. In other words, marble is anticipated to dominate the fashion industry in the next year. Intricately incorporated into the number of ways to suit the fashion world, the attractive, blended motifs of marble come in an array of exciting color palettes, like the gold seen here. 

Big Bags to Hit the Runways
Believe it or not, the next year is all about carrying a bag that is as extra as you! Although the obsession for min bags does not seem to be ending soon, the fashion runways had a move in the opposite direction- we are talking about big bags. It is no secret that the past few seasons were all about bags shrinking into tinier sizes. As the new collections hit the runways at NY fashion week, big bags have popped up again.  

While there was a small collection with such bags, it can be said that the coming year’s runways will be showing a wide variety of bags with big sizes. However, what is important to mention here is that these bags will not be oversized yet big. From buttery leather pouches to fan-shaped caralls, there will be a huge collection of big bags you will see in the spring and summer of 2020. 

Polka dots to Stoke the Captivating Flair
Other than marble prints, the next spring fashion trends will be more about polka dots. Speaking of NYC, the city’s fashion trends are all about polka dots. You will see the black and white mainstay in most clothing options, ranging from blousons to fit-and-flare dress. With a bold shouldered silhouette, some of the popular fashion brands have already adopted the idea. 

Whether a shirt topped with polka-dot pant or the pattern is blended in accessories, the polka dot pattern will make an unusual yet captivating flair in the spring and summer collections of 2020. You can see more about these patterns at

Moreover, you will see the dots sprinkled through the clothing collections of some known brands, including Carolina Herrera, Kate Spade New York, and Tory Burch. However, a deep bench of dots is expected to be seen in the collection of Michael Kors. You can find positivity and optimism in these vivacious patterns. From puff-shoulder tops to asymmetric ruffle dresses, you will see the pattern in different fashion ensembles.

Metallics to Cherish Discotheque Era
We all love sophisticated environments accompanied by luxury; metallics do all that. The recent fashion weeks started to hint that the metallic sheens are going to hit the runways of the fashion industry in the upcoming years. Imagine a plain metallic dress combined with bursts of color reminiscent of discotheque era. It will certainly look breathtakingly appealing; the next season’s collection will be all about that. 

Lime in all the Raging Colors 
After the New York Fashion Week, there are so many details that fashion geeks will be curious enough to know about. At the same time, most of you will be wondering about the fashion trends that are going to be huge next year. It is possible to get unsure and overwhelmed when it comes to looking for next year’s fashion trends; of course, the whirlwind of NYFW has revealed much. 

Particularly in colors, both the subtle and bold colors make a list for the next year, which means there is a little for everyone. Whether you are a neon-loving person or like pastels more, there is a trending color for you in the 2020 collections. 

From sunset hues and tie-dye to neon and pistachio, you will see a mix of subtle and bold colors hitting the runways of the next spring. However, lime is going to be one of the most celebrated colors of the year; from clothing and shoes to bags and pants, you will find this soothing yet attractive shade in most of the items.

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