Thursday, September 26, 2019

The 21st Century's Most Fashionable Shows & Films

Anyone with an eye for fashion is used to looking to films and shows for inspiration (as well as just for fun). It’s through these mediums that we see the most glamorous stars in the world; we get attached to them, follow them on social media and in magazines, and absorb all sorts of tips and inspiration, even if some if it is on a subconscious level. And of course, now and then we also see them on the red carpet showcasing the most fabulous looks they can muster (as happened recently at the Emmys).

But sometimes the looks these stars showcase in the actual films and shows are memorable as well. They can turn heads, spark trends, or just establish visuals that are talked about for years thereafter. For that reason, as we inch ever closer to the end of the current decade, we thought we’d look back at some of the most fashionable shows and films we’ve seen so far in the 21st century.

Mad Men - We’ll start with arguably the most fashion-conscious show of the 21st century. Mad Men emphasized fashion largely because it was so glued to a specific era. But it nevertheless showed off a certain type of style (best described as “dapper”), particularly for men, like few other pop culture projects have. If only the gents still dressed this way….

Ocean’s 11- Here’s another one that was largely about men’s fashion (who can forget George Clooney’s no-tie black tux look?) - though it was Julia Roberts in a heart-stopping red gown who stole the show. Ultimately though, we love this movie because it speaks to a type of fashion occasion that doesn’t really exist anymore. Today, casinos exist largely online. People play digital poker tournament in sweatpants from home, and seek out slot bonuses to click away at rather than sit at slot banks (as Clooney did in his tux). Dressing up to go game with the high-rollers is just about a fantasy at this point, but it’s one that’s a blast to dive back into anytime this movie is on!

Ocean’s 8 - If Ocean’s 11 is largely about what the men are wearing, with that one notable exception, the far more recent sequel-slash-spinoff, Ocean’s 8, is a women’s fashion bonanza. The makers of this film seem to have been aware that the casino setting was somewhat out of vogue, but wound up choosing an even more fashion-forward venue around which to center the story: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and specifically the prestigious Met Gala. As a result this movie is simply full to bursting with stunning looks that any woman would love to emulate. Sandra Bullock’s faux-fur white coat, Cate Blanchett’s velvet green pantsuit, and Sarah Paulson’s oversized outerwear all stand out, to say nothing of the jaw-dropping looks at the actual Gala scenes.

Suits - If  Mad Men is more conscious of its fashion than any other show because it’s a period piece, Suits is perhaps the show that actually revolves most around style. While the title of the show has a double meaning (also referring to lawsuits), it’s no accident when it comes to the men’s wardrobes. The show is a virtual lookbook of high-end men’s suits, flawless tailoring, and even great hairstyles, for the most part. But don’t overlook the ladies of Suits either. Even Meghan Markle, who starred on the show, has discussed her affection for her character’s clothes.

Casino Royale - We’re back to casinos with this example in some sense, though we typically expect James Bond movies to be fashionable regardless. Suffice it to say, though, it’s hard for any man or woman to top Daniel Craig and Eva Green during the film’s climactic poker scenes. Craig wears a tux like few mortal men ever have, and Green still manages to outdo him in a luxurious green gown with a statement necklace. It’s a clinic in high fashion.

Crazy Rich Asians - Crazy Rich Asians is a whirlwind of a romantic comedy, and one that both showcases and to some extent mocks the more extravagant side of Chinese culture in Singapore. For fashion lovers though, the scenes exemplifying this culture are a pure visual treat. The colors, styles, and overall looks on display are just about dizzying, though we’d specifically point to Constance Wu’s dress at a major wedding scene and pretty much everything Gemma Chan wears as the highlights.

Killing Eve - In terms of current television, as well as women’s fashion specifically, the hit assassin drama Killing Eve is hard to beat. Jodie Comer stars as what The Cut called TV’s chicest assassin, and we can’t describe her any better than that. Tune in for yourself and it’s a good bet you’ll be lusting after one outfit or another within minutes.



  1. Jodie Cormer is the assassin in Killing Eve (and the best dressed character on that show). Sandra Oh is great but her spy is not a memorable dresser at all

    1. Hi, yes that was a mistake which I just corrected. Thank you for the call out.