Thursday, October 17, 2019

Paco Rabanne 'PACOLLECTION' Unisex Fragrances

Paco Rabanne is introducing a new collection of fragrances and the best part is, they are all unisex. The PACOLLECTION six unisex fragrances each have their own personality – each highlighting a unique and surprising fragrance note called for by a panel of the world’s top perfumers. Each of the playful scents are packaged in a first-to-market, patented soft and flexible bottle with a chrome and bright ombre design.

The bottles are recyclable via Paco Rabanne’s recycling program. Each fragrance is paired with an individual who embodies the character of each fragrance. Model Dree Louise Hemingway, dancer and model Alton Mason, skateboarder Evan Mock, singer songwriter Kelela, model HyunJi Shin, and French DJ Bambounou are all behind the PACOLLECTION unisex fragrances. The 2.1oz Eau de Parfum bottle retails for $82 and it is available at Macy's.

  • Genius Me: By Dominique Ropion. A specific oxide conceived of as an erudite volute. A conjuration of citrus fruits awakens the skin, lit up by lavish orange peel and rosemary. This thunderous beginning quietens down when the woodland moss adds a mysterious sensuality. The Cristalfizz brings a comforting note of laundry to this mischievous perfume. Genius Me is a smile, a brilliant idea.

  • Erotic Me: By Quentin Bisch. A milky leather conceived of as a heightened sensuality. Become intoxicated with this special flower, osmanthus, that evokes a host of captivating suggestions. Here, its leather accent is foremost, in contrast with a milky chord, amiable, affable, light as a cloud. Lastly, incense arrives like a very precious smoke wrapping itself around this strange encounter. Erotic Me is a passionate encounter.

  • Fabulous Me: By Alienor Massenet. A coppery wood conceived of as an extraterrestrial forest. Sandalwood’s opulent tone will be ignited by pumpkin, a mischievous element combined with tart rhubarb. Pure essence of vanilla, a deep, animal scent, adds mystery to this perfume. Fabulous Me is a pulse-quickening wood, an enchanted foliage.

  • Crazy Me: By Alienor Massenet. An acidic floral conceived as an explosion of colors. Feel the light of mimosa, a benevolent flower, jumbled together with wasabi. Blackcurrant smooths the rough edges, while precious sandalwood introduces a voluptuous structure.

  • Dangerous Me: By Marie Salamagne. A vanilla ink conceived of as an esoteric tattoo. An instant addiction with ambergris and its powerful presence. Vanilla accompanies this lascivious ambiance like a smooth veil on the skin. Cedar is a protective, warm shadow while the spike of ginger flows in this perfume like a flash of impertinence. Dangerous Me is a subversive sweetness, a disturbing imprint.

  • Strong Me: by Fabrice Pellegrin. A metallic black fruit considered as a hypnotic liqueur. The delicate davana plant mingles its sugary-sweet silage with golden rum like a nectar. The vanilla and amber wood intensify its heady ambiance. All the notes are transformed into a magnetic melody. Strong Me is a radical manifesto, an irresistible song.

Credit: Paco Rabanne

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