Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Beauty Spotlight: Cailyn Cosmetics 'Gelux Eyebrow Makeup'

Due to the current quarantine situation, your regular eyebrow spot is probably temporarily closed. However my beauty spotlight product can help you keep your eyebrows groomed the way you like it. CAILYN COSMETICS 'Gelux Eyebrow Makeup' will help you achieve the shape and arch that you want, with an lasting effect. The waterproof eyebrow gel was created in a unique form so that the powder and the color last long while maintaining it's vibrancy. The Cailyn Cosmetics Gelux Eyebrow gel retails for $22 and it comes in a variety of colors and a easy-to-use brush to help you sculpt your desired eyebrow shape. For more details on this product and more from the beauty brand, visit CailynCosmetics.com.

Credit: Beautypress

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