Thursday, June 18, 2020

Beauty Tip: TheSoul Publishing At Home Nail Hacks

Nail salons have been closed for a while now due to the pandemic so at home self-care has become the new normal. TheSoul Publishing has some new at home nail hacks and design that you can use to keep your nails looking good until salons are fully opened. Check are a few hacks below and a 5-minute video of hacks that you can do at home. 

  • Broken nail? Some toilet paper can fix that. By ripping off an edge, you can use this as a tip/nail wrap with some quick clear polish
  • Doing a DIY French Manicure? Get a perfect line by placing a band aid over the nail you are painting.
  • Sick of having stained nails after a manicure? Painting PVA glue under your nail polish can make it easy to peel off so you can switch it up as your mood changes.

Credit: TheSoul Publishing

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