Friday, August 14, 2020

4 Must-Have Golf Accessories

 As you know, summer is the perfect time to start playing golf again. Is there anything better than getting out on the course with friends on a hot sunny day to play golf? Whether you are a golf fanatic or just started out, it is important to have the correct kit. To get you ready for your golfing days, here are some accessories to make sure you’re golfing in style.

Golf Sunglasses

When it is a blinding hot summer’s day, the last thing you want is not to have clear vision when making the perfect swing. Choose some high-quality golf sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun and stop you from squinting. This popular sporting selection from Goodr is very on-trend right now, offering classic golf patterns like the classic argyle or check. They offer wide fit, regular fit and polarized lenses to suit everyone’s preferred style.

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are great for increasing a strong grip on the handle of the club. If you suffer from sweaty hands, it is definitely worth treating yourself to some golf gloves. There are so many different styles to choose from - if you really wanted to push the boat out, then monogrammed gloves are a stylish, elegant choice.

Golf Cap

Again, on those warm summer days, it is so important to protect yourself from the sun. Wearing a cap will protect your scalp and your face from burning. There are so many golf caps out there, but to show your support to your personal golf club, why not treat yourself to your golf club’s own cap? If they don’t offer branded caps, you can personalize your own cap and put your own name on it - it will help differentiate from other people’s caps but look awesome too!

Golf Towel

Having your own dedicated golf towel is a very handy piece of kit to have. It can be used to absorb moisture from your sweaty hands or golf club and it can be used to clean used golf balls before putting them back in your bag. Making sure that you have a towel may even improve your performance, because wiping the sweat and moisture away from the club can improve your grip and also wiping your face will reduce the moisture going into your eyes. To make sure your towel stands out from the crowd, how about a personalized golf towel with a slogan personal to you and your golfing experience? It’ll be a great conversation starter with other golfers!

Treat yourself after this uncertain tough year we have all experienced due to Covid-19, and splash out on a new cap or a luxury golf towel - you deserve it! You can also wear some of these golf accessories in day to day life, especially the sunglasses and the cap. Show your fellow golfers that you have the best style on the course when you next walk in with all of your fresh, shiny new accessories. You will look great!

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