Thursday, August 13, 2020

Black Accessory Designer Spotlight: Becki Coakley Shoes


There are so many shoes designers out there but if one stands out, you have to take notice. The unique style and design of BECKI COAKLEY shoes is how I came across the brand. The designer Becki Coakley is a native of Charleston, SC which is my hometown and she launched her namesake collection in 2015. Her shoe collection is inspired by her mother who guided her to her purpose as a shoe designer. The letter A in the logo is for her mother's name, Angie. The 3 horizontal lines represent the most important thing in her life –her 3 children. Becki's name is on the last line as her mother's 3rd child, and their last name, Coakley, runs along the outside of the logo(see below). Becki Coakley shoes are not only unique and stylish, but chic and sexy. They are perfect for the fashionista who wants to confidently make each step count. For more details about the designer and to shop the collection, visit

Founder Becki Coakley

Becki Coakley Logo

Credit: Becki Coakley

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