Monday, August 10, 2020

Instagram Style: Chloe x Halle in Zana Bayne & Delia Alleyne Performing ''Forgive Me'' Live

Chloe x Halle continues to have their moment in the spotlight and I am happy for this talented sister duo. This weekend they performed a live version of their hit song ''Forgive Me'' which is one of my favorite songs on their new album ''Ungodly Hour''. Their stylist Zerina Akers posted their looks to instagram

Chloe x Halle posed for the gram, in custom black cut-out leather ZANA BAYNE harnesses and black DELIA ALLEYNE skirts. Their beauty looks were flawless and they wore jewelry courtesy of STERLING KING, LILLIAM SHALOM, YVY LEATHER AND BOND HARDWARE. 

Each and every time I see these girls, their styles continue to elevate. It's not boring and it oozes the right amount of edge and sexiness that works for them. What do you think of Chloe x Halle's instagram style?

Chloe Bailey

Halle Bailey

Credit: Zerina Akers

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