Thursday, September 17, 2020

Black Beauty Brand Spotlight: Bourn Beautiful Naturals

For years now, black women have been embracing their natural hair, even when there wasn't product on store shelves catering to their natural haircare needs. That has since changed, especially with emerging Black Beauty Brands like BOURN BEAUTIFUL NATURALS, my spotlight product. Launched in 2017 by Kadian, she set out to create natural, handmade products for dry skin, and easily tangled, coils-curled hair. Before she launched her products, she researched, experimented and tested products on herself, friends and family. Once she got the perfect recipe, requests came in and then Bourn Beautiful Naturals was born. Formulated with vegan and vegetarian ingredients, Bourn Beautiful Naturals ensures the maintenance of your natural hair and skin without harmful ingredients. For more details about their brand and to shop all of the products, visit  

Kadian, Creator

Credit: Bourn Beautiful Naturals

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