Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Instagram Style: Jennifer Lopez in Christian Dior to Promote her New Single

Jennifer Lopez stepped out earlier to promote her new single ''PaTi'' with Maluma and she shared her chic look on her instagram page

She posed for the gram in a CHRISTIAN DIOR SPRING 2020 ensemble featuring an ivory & black stripe sweater and an ivory & white embroidered skirt. I love a lightweight or chunky sweater and skirt combo because she can't go wrong with the look. 

Also I prefer JLo's interpretation of the ensemble because the black belt and the slightly tucked in sweater made a difference on the outcome of this look. My only callout is the hat, while it is cute, it wasn't needed. 

I do wish we could have seen her shoes, probably black Louboutin pumps but no matter what, this look is a win in my book. Are you feeling JLo's instagram style as well?

Credit: Jennifer Lopez instagram,

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