Monday, December 7, 2020

Instagram Style: Cardi B. in Vintage Gucci & Mah-Jing Wong

One thing about Cardi B is that she is always gonna own her looks. She posted a new look to her instagram page this weekend. 

She posed for the gram in a Vintage GUCCI coat from REINVINTAGE and a sheer brown MAH-JING WONG dress with a brown bra & thongs underneath for coverage. She also accessorized her sultry look with a BOTTEGA VENETA bag and BURBERRY peep-toe boots. 

I would have love to see her in pumps instead of the boots but she definitely owned this look. Love the coat and the head styling is on point per usual. Did Cardi sell you on her look?

Credit: Cardi B instagram, Mah-Jing Wong

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