Thursday, January 7, 2021

Black Beauty Brand Spotlight: Pholk Beauty

With so many beauty options, knowing that you can find a brand that caters to your specific skin and needs is important. Also knowing and understanding the ingredients is key because you want to keep your skin's natural beauty. Today I am putting the spotlight on a black owned brand called PHOLK BEAUTY. Niambi who is a Southern and vegan healthcare expert, founded Pholk Beauty because she couldn't find natural products that focused on her beauty concerns. Some beauty brands regiment can cause confusion when using them but Niambi developed her products with the idea of a skincare regiment that was easy, effective, and affordable. 

This was important to her, especially since she is a world traveler. Pholk Beauty celebrates women of color skin with a line of natural products that helps them to maintain their lifestyle and skincare wants. The natural products are gently to the skin but the brand offers a simple quiz that you can take to find the right products that may work for you. You can check out the quiz HERE. Pholk is also one of the few beauty brands that cater to both women and men. That's right, natural skincare regiments for men that hydrates everything from your face to heels. You can check out the products for men HERE. No matter if you want to hydrate your skin, replenish & tone it's natural texture, you should check out Pholk Beauty. For more details about the brand, the designer and to shop the entire collection, visit

Niambi - Founder

Credit: Pholk Beauty

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