Monday, January 25, 2021

Instagram Style: Cardi B in ForbiddenKnowledge by Pierre-Louis Auvray to go Shopping

The category is style and body and whether you like the look or not, Cardi B served just that for a shopping trip this past weekend in LA. She posted her look to her instagram page

She posed for the gram in a FORBIDDENKNOWLEDGE by PIERRE-LOUIS AUVRAY see-through cosmic mock neck dress with knit panels. Look, I can't think of anyone else who can work this dress other than Cardi. 

Yes it has a lot going on and it may not be the most stylish piece for some but she has the look, the body and the attitude to sell it. She topped off her look with a flawless beauty look and SAINT LAURENT spike sandals. Did Cardi sell you on her instagram style?

Credit: Cardi B instagram, forbiddenkn0wledge

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