Monday, January 25, 2021

Instagram Style: Yara Shahidi in anOnlyChild & Prada Doing Virtual Press

Yara Shahidi is a busy woman but when it comes to her style, she doesn't let us down. She served us with two different looks today(January 25th) from her virtual promo appearances. 

Look 1:

She chose a new, up and coming designer brand, ANONLYCHILD. Her camel leather shirtdress was belted at the waist with constasting black gathered, pleated leather sleeves. I like the idea of this dress but honestly I am not feeling the sleeves. But I love how she always has fun with her fashion choices and those PARIS TEXAS boots gets my vote as well. 

2nd Look:

She went the masculine inspired route, rocking head to toe PRADA SPRING 2021. Is the design of the hybrid top weird, yes. Does she sell it, yes. Once again, she chose a unique look but this is weirdly cute and I like it. However I wish she pants were hemmed. 

Credit: Yara Shahidi instagram,

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