Friday, April 9, 2021

Instagram Style: Michael B. Jordan in Bottega Veneta to Promote ''Without Remorse''

Michael B. Jordan has kicked off promotions for his new film ''Without Remorse'' and the actor switched stylist again, this time working with Jason Bolden who posted his look to instagram today(April 9th). 

He posed for the gram in a BOTTEGA VENETA SPRING 2021 printed cardigan and the matching trousers. I really like this and you can tell by the way that he is posing, he does as well.

I am glad that this is not some boring suit but a more unexpected ensemble. The full on print look is a tad fussy but not too harsh. However the styling is not working for me. 

I wish that he left the tee shirt out because the color looks off and the shoes are not that great of a choice either. He could have swapped out the bottoms for denim or something or maybe swapped out the cardigan for a button down shirt.

But again, I think the ensemble itself is cute but it's not fully working on him. CARTIER jewelry put the finishing touches on his look. Are you feeling MBJ's promo instagram style as well?

Credit: Jason Bolden instagram,

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