Monday, April 12, 2021

Instagram Style: Michael B. Jordan in Bottega Veneta, Fear of God & Gucci to Promote ''Without Remorse''

Following his previous look, Michael B. Jordan was back promoting ''Without Remorse'' and his stylist Jason Bolden posted his two new look too instagram this past weekend. 

Look 1:

He posed in a purple BOTTEGA VENETA seamless turtleneck and black FEAR OF GOD pants, accessorized with CARTIER jewelry and black boots. I feel like this needed a necklace or statement shoes to take it to the next level but you can't deny that he looks good. 

Look 2:

On this outing, he rocked a GUCCI ensemble which featured the double ''G'' stripe double breasted blazer, and a camel colored sweater and trousers. I kinda wish he wore a brown hue instead for the contrast to the blazer and the pants needed to be a little longer. However this is not a bad look, I like it. CARTIER jewelry and CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN boots topped off his look. 

Credit: Jason Bolden instagram, Bottega Veneta, Gucci

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