Friday, May 14, 2021

Instagram Style: Nicki Minaj in Fendi Summer Vertigo to Announce New Music

After taking a break and having her first child, Nicki Minaj is official back. Nicki went on instagram live last night(May 13th) to announce the re-lease of her hit mixtape ''Beam Me Up Scotty'' with new tracks and she posted her look on instagram afterwards. 

She posed for the gram in a pieces from the FENDI SUMMER VERTIGO capsule collection which featured a light blue logo, denim, jumpsuit, bikini top and the ''Mon Tresor'' canvas mini bag. 

Nicki is no stranger to Fendi because if you remember, she did a collection with the fashion house. This jumpsuit can be worn to the ankles or to the knees. For me, I like it but I really want to snatch those zipped cargo pockets off. 

They are distracting & unflattering. Also the jumpsuit looks a little tight and the jewelry is a bit excessive. But hey, this is Nicki Minaj and this is how she does it, hey way. A high ponytail and CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN sandals put the finishing touches on her look. Did Nicki sell you on her instagram style?

Credit: Nicki Minaj instagram, Fendi

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