Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Instagram Style: Chelsea Lopez in Shuting Qiu for the ''Ultrasound'' Premiere

Chelsea Lopez attended the premiere of her  new movie titled ''Ultrasound'' and her stylist Jared Eng posted her look on instagram today(June 16th)

She posed for the gram in a SHUTING QIU FALL 2021 ensemble. There is a lot going on with her look here but the color story works together. I am not that familiar with her style but going through her instagram page, this is right up her alley. It's bold and romantically playful, with a touch of edge. 

It takes someone with a cool sense of style like Chelsea to pull this off. A lot of people can't step into a unique look like this and own it, but she did.  This is the kinda crazy, over-the-top, chic fashion look that we need and I have been longing for. ALISON LOU earrings and BONDEYE rings finished up her look. Did Chelsea sell you on her look?

Credit: JaredEng Studios, Shuting Qiu

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