Thursday, June 24, 2021

Instagram Style: Elaine Welteroth in Ralph Lauren at a Ralph Lauren Event

Elaine Welteroth continues to serve style in between her hosting duties on two different shows. She posted her new look on instagram this evening(June 24th).

Rocking a masculine inspired look, she wore a RALPH LAUREN FALL 2019 black sequin stripe suit with a black sheer & white bib panel shirt underneath. This could have easily come off as a cater waiter suit but thanks to the styling, it didn't. 

Elaine leaving the tie out, having the shirt partially un-buttoned at the top and with the blazer thrown over her shoulders, it gave the suit a chic appeal. My only callout is that I wish the pants were a bit more tapered to the ankles but this is still a standout look. What do you think of Elaine's instagram style?

Credit: Elaine Welteroth instagram,

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