Thursday, June 10, 2021

Instagram Style: Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Christian Dior to Promote ''Loki''

Following her previous look, Gugu Mbatha-Raw continued promoting ''Loki' at a premiere and her stylist Leith Clark posted her look on instagram yesterday(June 9th).

The actress looked elegantly beautiful wearing a CHRISTIAN DIOR FALL 2021 sheer ombre, tier halter gown which was layered for coverage. Two things are annoying me here, the nude bra because she can see the straps on the shoulder and the sides, and the background. 

This is the downside for celebs not posing on the red carpet because the background makes a difference and this whole look is screaming for a red carpet. Even with that said, I am still drawn to this look and the dark red lip added a complimentary, touch of edge to her feminine look. What do you think of Gugu's instagram style on this occasion?

Credit: Leith Clark instagram,

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