Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Instagram Style: Riley Keough in Valentino to Promote ''Zola''

Along with Colman Domingo, Riley Keough is virtually promoting the highly anticipated film ''Zola'' and her stylist Jamie Mizrahi posted her look on instagram. She is wearing VALENTINO on both occasions. 

Look 1:

Rocking an animal printed ensemble, she posed for the gram in a PRE-FALL 2021 leopard jacket and shorts. Her beauty look is undeniably flawless but it just bugs me sometimes with colors & matching prints are off, especially when it is really visible to the eye. The leopard prints don't work together because the jacket has a shimmer to it and the shorts does not. The boots doesn't help but in general, these pieces would work individually, styled a different way. 

Look 2:

Rocking a pajama inspired look, she wore a PRE-FALL 2020 light blue printed silk top with the matching pants. The top featured playful feather cuffs. Riley was posted up in a bed rocking this look making it fitting for her press look. I actually prefer this over the first one and if it looks familiar, that's because Sveva Alviti wore it in September 2020.

Credit; Jamie Mizrahi instagram,

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