Monday, August 16, 2021

Fashion Find: V Shred Athleisure Wear

Whether I am working out or running errands, active or athleisure leggings are a big part of my wardrobe and having a comfy pair that I can transition from season to season is key. V SHRED has a great, premium line of active wear that is available in some great colors. I love the ''Seamless Flex'' leggings because they are super comfortable, with a ribbed high-waist and a shape that is flattering on the body from the waist down. 

These leggings also add a nice outline to your booty and if you have a little tummy like me, the high-waist panel provides toning support. Also I really dislike when leggings gap and pucker between the legs but these don't do that. They have the right amount of spandex, making it an easy glide up your legs. You can definitely enjoy doing any type of exercises in these leggings including yoga because the stretchy fabric allows you to move however you like. The Seamless Flex legging will boost your confidence no matter what you are doing.

Along with their leggings, V Shred also has a range of sports bra and jackets to complete your look. You can check out and shop their entire collection HERE. For more on this athleisure brand, visit

Credit: V Shred

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