Monday, August 2, 2021

Instagram Style: Tracee Ellis Ross in Bottega Veneta

Listen, when it comes to her fashion choices, Tracee Ellis Ross is in her own style lane. She posted a new look on her instagram page today(August 2nd). 

She posed for the gram in head to toe BOTTEGA VENETA PRE-FALL 2021 which featured a light blue feather jumpsuit and burgundy patent leather mules. Yes this feathery ensemble is a bit too much but it's nothing that Tracee can't handle. However I wish that the bottom half was lined with matching lining like the top. 

Some might like this, some might not but you have to admit, this look suits Tracee. It's that weird, over-the-top drama that she knows how to work. The simplicity of her makeup allowed for nothing to compete with her feathers. But it does make me think of the Cookie Monster.. So you either hate it or love it, what's your choice? 

Credit: Tracee Ellis Ross instagram,

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