Friday, September 3, 2021

Instagram Style: Tracee Ellis Ross in Dries Van Noten for Press

Whether it pays off or not, Tracee Ellis Ross always gravitates towards unique pieces which is why she is the style star that she is. She posted a new look on instagram yesterday(September 2nd). 

She posed for the gram in a DRIES VAN NOTEN FALL 2021 burgundy sequin top and a copper slit detail skirt. There is a lot of shine going on here but it's nothing that Tracee can't handle. Putting her signature touch on it, she wore the skirt opposite the look book, with the split in the front instead of the side. 

Also she could have easily played it safe with her shoe choice but she wore a coordinating hue which matched her top. Overall, I think this is a great look and it suits Tracee. What do you think of Tracee's instagram style?

Credit: Tracee Ellis Ross instagram,

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