Thursday, September 9, 2021

Instagram Style: Tracee Ellis Ross in Balmain for the 2nd Anniversary of her ''Pattern Beauty'' Brand

Tracee Ellis Ross is celebrating the two year anniversary of her ''Pattern Beauty'' brand with a new look which was posted on her instagram page today(September 9th).

She struck a pose for the gram in a two-piece BALMAIN RESORT 2022 wide-leg suit. Tracee is one of the few celebs that can handle a suit like this. Although I wish she kept the earrings for a touch of color, I do however have mixed feelings about the suit. 

On one hand, I like it because again, she can handle the volume but on the other hand, I dislike the color, the creases are distracting and the pants could have been hemmed a few inches. This is not the first time that we are seeing Tracee in wide-leg pants like this. 

Remember the Schiaparelli that she wore in March 2021? That was a win in my opinion. This look doesn't excite me like that did but it's the over-the-top, fashion look that are use to seeing from Tracee whether it is a hit or a miss. Did Tracee sell you on her instagram style?

Credit: Tracee Ellis Ross instagram,

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