Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Katy Perry in Rotate Birger Christensen on Good Morning America

The new season of American Idol kicks off this upcoming weekend and Katy Perry was spotted arriving for an appearance on Good Morning America this morning(February 22nd) in New York. 

She wore the ROTATE BIRGER CHRISTENSEN ''Jodie'' coat with the matching ''Rotie'' pants and the ''Emili'' top which was completed with some two-tone cowboy boots. Katy switches up her style constantly, giving us an interesting look on every occasion. I actually like this for her but I'm personally not loving it. 

The color & the fabric can be a tough sell and I get the sleeves are supposed to be long but I wish they was tailored for her. The boots add an interesting touch but do they really go here? They don't mesh well with the snake print to me. Also the black bag is really out of place. Weigh in, did Katy sell this look to you?

Credit: InstarImagrs, Rotate

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